Design is thinking made visual …….to create the difference

Laurel Landmarks helpt bedrijven bij uitdagingen op het snijvlak van innovatie, design en marketing. Laurel Landmarks creëert samen met haar klant een helder beeld van wat de kansen en mogelijkheden zijn om te groeien voor het bedrijf en breekt innovatie-blokkades af, door duidelijk “smaak” en richting te geven aan het proces.

Ik geloof dat (business) uitdagingen visualiseren zorgt voor nieuwe heldere inzichten. Visueel denken en het ‘bouwen’ van het beoogde plaatje zorgen voor een nieuw perspectief op de situatie. Mijn klanten ervaren dat .......

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"Innovators ignore the rules not out of contempt.
They are simply more focused on their vision
than the things that stand in the way"

"Design Thinking; The essential ability to combine empathy, creativity and rationality to meet user needs and drive business success"

ELFI Skincare

Frustrations in Healthcare Innovations – the 4 Regulation Hick-ups

  • december 11, 2016

As I visited a friend some weeks ago in the hospital I was astonished when I saw these buttons next to her bed. This is a perfect example of frustration in Healthcare. But also a nice metaphor for creating successful innovative business (in Healthcare). The buttons in her room to call the nurse were clearly color-coded, but still they put a small piece of paper with three options (read; Rules)next to it.  To make sure you don’t make any mistakes and most importantly…follow the rules. You have to push the right button to make it happen and always feel the pressure of these rules. The second part of my presentation during the Conference in...

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Frustrations in Healthcare Innovations – the 4 Management challenges

  • december 11, 2016

Is it hard to really innovate? Is it a struggle to create an innovative company? Why are there so many regulations? How can you make sure you become and stay an innovative company with the right business model in your market? All questions I got when I spoke at the international Conference – “Innovation; Now is the future” in Vilnius Lithuania. During my keynote I spoke about my experiences as a Healthcare innovator and the jungle you have to go through to really become innovative. But before creating new products and services in a new type of business model, you have to face these 4 management challenges. Boardroom; It’s so often tha...

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